How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket! 3 Way Step Guide For 2023

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How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket! 3 Way Step Guide For 2023

How to fix broken badminton racket?

If you play Badminton regularly, you should maintain your Badminton racket properly, or else it may not last long.

Badminton players rely on rackets and they have become an intricate part of a player’s game.

Without this equipment, however, the player would not be able to enjoy his/her sport as much as before.

Most players don’t realize how important a racket is!

After just a year or two, most players will likely need to buy a new one due to some mishap that occurred with the old one.

The life of your racket can be extended by taking care of it,

So if you’re looking to keep the racket that you’ve bought for a long time, follow this guide.

A Few Tips How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket

How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket! 3 Way Step Guide For 2023
  • Keep your racket in a dry, cool environment so that it can last a long time. It also ensures you’re protected from damage to the frame or strings.
  • Don’t scrape the birdie with the racket because it can damage both the frame of the racket and its grommets & string], which would be a waste of your time.
  • There are a few tried & tested ways of increasing the head weight of a racket. One is to simply increase the length & circumference of it, but if you’re anything like us, these approaches don’t fully satisfy our desire for an increased striking surface area.
  • Another possibility may be to add protection tape around the edges such that there is added body on the outer edge.
  • Your job doesn’t end by buying the most expensive best badminton racket. You must ensure that the racket is in top shape. Protect it from damage, keep it moist-free, and do not forget to ensure regular maintenance. If you take the necessary steps for protecting your best badminton racket, you will be able to use it for a very long time.

How To Maintain Badminton Racket

Broken Racket

One of the most important things you should pay attention to when choosing a badminton racket is simply how long it will last in condition.

BestBadminton rackets are usually very expensive,

So they need to be taken care of properly and shown their best performance.

It’s an important thing, how to fix broken requests and broken badminton racket frames.

The different ways to maintain your broken racket or broken frame include:


The string surface is a location where the ball can easily be hit.

It is also an area where there are not a lot of cushioning units such as this that allow it to take some weight off the surface.

The golfer should make sure he uses the string at this point to avoid damage.

Ensure that the strings are not coming in direct contact with the frame when repaired.

Only replace the part of the frame which is broken or damaged.

The tension on the string weakens when it is being overly stretched,

Which causes the racket to feel more uncomfortable and eventually break.

This indicates that if you are experiencing discomfort or think your racket is broken and hasn’t been for a long time,

Changing out strings will resolve any lingering issues.

The frame may sink if you try to string at a higher-than-recommended tension.

This is because the strings are supposed to be allowed to enter through the holes located in the outer edge of this face.

You may experience string snapping during the gameplay if your grommet’s body is broken and the strings touch the frame’s hole at the edges.

Make sure to check for other grommets and look for any damage on them during stringing service.

Racket Frame

The frame of a badminton racket is the most often damaged part.

Fragments that chip off the paint can affect how it looks, but typically,

They don’t make any difference to what it’s used for or how well it plays.

As with all wooden sports equipment, the rap frame will eventually shrink & crack due to the high amount of movement and energy involved in playing.

Your badminton racket would last longer if you did not use it as much or if you bought a racket from a different manufacturer.

You can easily tell where the cracks are with paint chips.

If the crack is strong enough and big enough it can lead to frame breakage or infection.

If the paint has already peeled off from a badminton racket, you can see parts where it has cracked.

Cracks that are deep will let the game uncomfortable, whereas cracks that are small should not interfere with your performance.

The badminton racket can deform and collapse because of the tension in the strings.

In order to prevent this, it is important that the frame width and depth vary, but not too much.

Too much variation can allow a weak spot to develop on the frame.

Although a broken racket can be fixed and used, it is not recommended because it does not stay tensioned for very long.

Furthermore, the stress that would have been put on the remaining strings would make the racket break.

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Storing Your Racket

The lifespan of your badminton rackets depends on various factors, such as how well-cushioned and the kind of case you use for them.

Rackets should be kept inside a case and released from the bag or other carrying device only when it is time to use them.

By using this way, you can correct or prevent damage to your racket by absorbing or dissipating the force.

Some racket bag manufacturers have created badminton rackets that are resistant to shock and extreme temperatures.

This technology not only protects the badminton racket,

But also the strings from other items and dirt.

Don’t! When Fix Broken Badminton Racket

Don’t! When Fix Broken Badminton Racket

Racket Clash

While playing doubles, don’t hit your racket with your partner’s racket.

It’s really important to note that the aluminum/steel frames of rackets are more likely than graphite or carbon ones to break in this situation.

High Temperatures

Graphite tennis rackets are at their strongest when exposed to sunlight or high temperatures,

So storing them in a dark, cool place will reduce the effect of heat on the property.

Hitting The Shuttle With A-Frame

The frame can get damaged if a racket is hit while playing especially during a smash.

You might not be good at tennis,

But you should always use the right racket because they are more durable.

Once your skills improve, switch to graphite or a high modulus carbon racket.

Avoid hitting the shuttle with the frame of the racket and instead only hit with its top area.

Storage Of Racket

Never put any heavy or pointed object on the racket.

Changing the shape of your racket could cause unintended puckering and blade flexing,

Which can increase the risk of injury.

Even if you don’t apply pressure on it, hitting with a pointed object will cause damage to the strings.

Higher String Tensions

Strings should be tightened to the recommended voltage.

Never cross-tension a racket or they may break or warp while in use.

Do’s! When Fix Broken Badminton Racket

Do’s! When Fix Broken Badminton Racket

Getting Your Racket String

It is important to keep your rackets in tip-top condition and replace the strings once they are broken or are no longer usable.

Having poor quality strings will increase the risk of getting cut by a ball, leading to injury.

The suggested string tension is something to keep in mind when buying a new racket.

If you are using an old one, you can ask your stringer which strings would be best for that racket.

Stored Properly

Graphite rackets are very strong and can take high tensions,

But if not stored properly, the racket is prone to external damage and the durability of the frame reduces.

In order to keep your racket frame safe always keep them in a foam cover.

Replacing Old-grip

Rackets have grips that you can change on them.

You should replace the grip if it becomes damaged or you see one that is starting to get loose.

You should also do this every 2-3 months depending on how heavy a racket you play with.

You can use a towel grip to protect the palm when it comes to a larger size or if your hand is in need of more support.

What To Do When The Strings Of The Racket Are Broken? 

How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket
Broken Racquet String

String durability is an issue and like anything else you should take precautions to prolong the life of your strings.

If you want to be extra careful, store it in a cover while not in use.

If the strings break on your racket,

I recommend you cut open all of them because they all have different tension.

The Best Way To Store Broken Badminton Racket After You’ve Fixed It!

After completing this question.

How To Fix Cracked Badminton Racket Frame?

When you fix a cracked badminton racket frame,

It is important to store it properly.

If you don’t, the chances of it getting damaged again are high.

The best way to store your cracked badminton racket frame after you’ve fixed it is by wrapping them with tape or hard glue.

You can place the box or bag in another room so that children and pets cannot reach the broken badminton club.

Important Point To Remember

Don’t throw your expensive badminton rackets away!

Most racket shops or online sellers can fix any broken pieces with a welding service, and repaint.

The carbon fiber and epoxy glue on the racket will not add much weight to the object.

However, you may experience a change in the balance of weight on the racket during gameplay.

This process can be done at home by applying carbon fiber and epoxy glue within the joint’s hollow frame while welding.

The string tension should be lesser after welding the racket.

The welded effects might not be noticeable to players with sharp eyes,

But the sound of your badminton racket would be an indicator.

Warping Up! How To Fix Broken Badminton Racket

Buying a new badminton racquet from good brands is not enough.

How you care for it can often make the difference between a short lifespan and full performance.

A great racket will last longer if maintained.

And properly used while a cheap model may need to be replaced after little use.

In short, you can fix a badminton racket by hand,

But also you can use SUPERGLUE for maintaining the broken racquets.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a badminton racket last?

Although today’s badminton rackets are designed to ideally stay put for over five years, the lifespan of most of them lasts around 3 years.

What is gutting in badminton?

Removing the strings of a racket or other stringed instrument usually has to be done. To do so, you will use a tool like a gutting machine. This is called gutting and can give your racket quick relief from tough situations without having to get rid of it altogether.

Can I wash my badminton racket?

Badminton rackets are made of a variety of materials, but the most common is graphite. So, you can wash your badminton racket with mild soap and water.

How does a badminton racket break?

Racket frames can break more often due to string problems. If you play a lot of racket sports, you should be wary of the damage your frame could incur due to un-kept string tension.

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