How To Choose Badminton Shoes? Ultimate Buying Guide

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How To Choose Badminton Shoes? Ultimate Buying Guide

How to choose badminton shoes? What are the things you need to consider before buying them?

Badminton is a popular sport that many people enjoy playing, and with the right shoes, it can be much easier to play and prevent injuries.

Badminton shoes should be durable and long-lasting because you will need to wear them a lot.

Cheap badminton shoes may not last very long or get damaged easily so it can be worth paying extra for good quality ones that are going to hold up through the harsh conditions of being used on a court.

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There are three main styles to choose shoes from when buying for outdoor badminton sessions:

Choosing a good pair of badminton shoes can be a daunting task. There are many brands and models to choose from!

And not knowing how to find the right pair for you can make it even more difficult.

How Do I Choose A Badminton Shoe?

If you are going to play on grass or clay courts from time to time it makes sense to go for a shoe that can be used outdoors as well as indoors, but if you are only going to play indoors then it is best to go for the weightlifting boots or tennis shoes.

As with most types of sports shoes, Buy badminton shoes which come in various colors. It may be worth considering buying two different pairs – one pair for indoor use and another for playing outdoors – as this will help you to keep your shoes in good condition.

Badminton is an extremely popular sport for many people across the world, however, it can be quite expensive to get started with all the equipment you need.

Whilst it may not be necessary to go out and buy a full set of badminton supplies straight away, having your own pair of badminton shoes and volleyball shoes is a really sensible investment, particularly if you want to play regularly.

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The flexibility of the shoe

Comfortability is an important factor to consider when buying good badminton shoes.

It is also good to look for shoes that have comfortable padding on the inside.

This can help to avoid any blisters or discomfort whilst you are playing,

It also will make them more durable in the long run if they don’t wear down quickly with use because of poor quality padding breathable material.

If you are going to be wearing the same pair of shoes every day, a week,

or even a month then they will need to feel good on your feet and not cause pain or blisters during playtime.


Durability Of The Badminton Shoe

It is also vital that badminton shoes are durable.

They will take a lot of punishment playing on the court and it’s important for them to stand up well over time,

especially considering how expensive they can be buying new ones all the time!


Size Of The Shoe

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The fit is also incredibly important.

Badminton involves lots of quick lateral movement and sudden changes of direction,

so your shoes need to be flexible enough that they can keep up with this movement.

It’s important to choose a pair in your correct size so that they fit well to your feet.


Foot Movement Support in Shoe

Badminton is a sport where you will often have to run side-to-side very fast in order to get the best position on the court.

Because of this, it’s important for choosing badminton shoes to have a good grip and good cushioning to ensure that your feet are not sliding all over the place.

This can be especially important in wet conditions when you really need this extra bit of grip on the court.


The Weight Of The Shoe

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that weigh less then it’s important to consider how heavy they will be.

Badminton involves lots of running around the court which can make some heavier badminton shoes feel worse than other lighter pairs even if they are actually better quality.


Sole Of The Shoe

The soles of your badminton shoes should be made from high-quality rubber.

This means that they will be durable and can provide you with a good grip on the court if your shoes are worn down a lot over time, especially in wet conditions!


Material of the shoe

The material used for badminton shoes is also worth considering.

The best badminton shoes will typically have good quality synthetic uppers and soles made from rubber.

Leather badminton shoes are much less common,

but if you find a pair that fit well then they can be great for giving your feet extra support.


Aerodynamics For Badminton Shoes

Badminton is a fast-paced sport that requires you to move very quickly.

It’s essential for shoes of  badminton to have good grip but also to help with speed by being aerodynamic,

this means that there will be less wind resistance against you when running and jumping around.


Odor Control For Badminton Shoes

Badminton shoes should not have strong odors as this could affect your game.

They should be made of breathable materials and good cushioning to keep your feet fresh and comfortable during every play session!


Best Brands For Badminton Shoe

Brand names such as Yonex, Nike, or Wilson are very popular amongst badminton players because they know the quality of their shoes makes a big difference to their game.


Ventilation Is Necessary For Shoe

A final thing to consider is how good the ventilation will be on the inside of your shoe.

The heat from running around all day may make it uncomfortable to wear certain pairs of badminton shoes.

The best badminton shoes will have ventilation holes in the upper to help keep your feet cool and dry when playing for long periods of time in hot weather conditions.

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What Are The Different Types Of Badminton Shoes?

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When buying badminton shoes there are some important things that you need to take into consideration before purchasing them.

Weightlifting boots with cushioned soles

Very heavy but provide excellent support. They are usually made up of leather and have a normal rubber sole which is both thick and grippy. These are the best badminton shoes for outdoor use, however many people do not like wearing weightlifting boots when they play. You will either love them or hate them.

Tennis shoes with a gum rubber sole

provide a great grip for playing on clay courts and can be used outdoors if you prefer something a bit lightweight. They are a good all-around style and fairly cheap to buy.

Outdoor shoes with a thin rubber sole

Not the best badminton shoe for playing on grass or synthetic court, but they will be fairly comfortable to wear even if your feet get wet as you play. Again they can be used outdoors as well as on indoor badminton courts. They may have a leather upper as well as a rubber sole and toes area are prevent injuries, but they will be much lighter than weightlifting boots.

Which Type Of Shoes Are Best For Badminton?

This is a question that only you can answer if you have never played badminton, or have tried it once or twice, but really have no clue. For the sake of this article, I will assume that you are a beginner and looking to buy a good pair of shoes for your first-ever badminton session.

The main aim of Playing badminton is to volley the shuttlecock over the net and keep it in play. The faster you can swing your racquet, the more powerful your stroke will be, and the higher the shuttlecock will go. Which type of badminton shoe you wear can therefore have a major impact on how well you play.

The best badminton shoe is typically designed to produce optimum power cushion when swinging your racquet, while at the same time providing superb grip. This enables you to make sure that you can hit the shuttlecock out of your opponent’s reach.

Make sure to check the thin sole material before buying shoes, too. Don’t go for gum rubber soles if you are playing on clay or grass courts because they will get worn out easily.

The best choice at the moment is gum rubber which has an ideal grip even when wet.

The following guidelines should help you choose the best badminton shoes for your needs and prevent ankle injuries.

What Type Of Weight Do You Want From Your Badminton Shoes?

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It really is a matter of personal preference as to whether you go for a heavy or a light pair of shoes.

Many players will swear by lighter, but this is a matter of individual style. If you are going to play at a high intensity, however, it is better to go for a heavier shoe since this will be more comfortable.

It makes sense to use your normal playing shoes as long as they have the gum rubber soles and fit correctly inside the racquet handle. This way you will know how heavy they are and you will be able to judge which weight is best for you.

A lot of manufacturers offer several different directions styles, so it definitely pays to try out a few different pairs before making your final choice.

Badminton shoes with thick soles is better than those with no or very thin soles.

The rubber used should have enough grip so that you are not slipping all over the court, but should also be thick enough that it does not wear out quickly.

You should only ever choose good badminton shoes with good rubber soles for use on clay or other difficult surfaces.

How Do You Determine Badminton Shoe Size?

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Badminton shoes should always fit tightly around your forefoot area. They should not be too tight or have a very loose fit, however.

Most badminton footwear will come in the same size so you can get a shoe that is a perfect fit for you. An example would be a 7 1/2 UK sizing – this means there are 7 ½ UK sizes in the range.

A lot of people find that they choose a shoe size that is one size bigger than their normal shoes, but this depends on personal preference. You should try them on in the shop if you can to make sure you are buying the right size.

For men’s badminton shoes, aim for a size between 8 and 10.

For women’s badminton shoes, aim for a size between 5 and 7.

When choosing men’s badminton shoes, do not forget to check out different styles as well as the actual shoe size. A lot of these have been designed specifically for male players so they will be more robust and much tougher than the women’s versions.

When choosing women’s badminton shoes, do not forget to check out different styles as well as the actual shoe size.

There are plenty of female players who wear men’s footwear since it is much stronger and comes in a variety of sizes. This means that there should be no problem finding a pair of shoes that fit perfectly.

You should also check out a wide range of different manufacturers when choosing your badminton shoes so that you get the best possible pair for your money.

You will find that some brands have been specially designed for this sport, while others simply use their normal sports ranges but add a thicker gum rubber sole to them to make them more appropriate for playing outdoors.

You should not be wearing normal shoes when you play badminton – they will be far too flimsy and there is a risk that you will get injured if your feet slide around inside them while you are running to get the shuttlecock.

Good quality badminton shoes can last for ages if they are looked after properly. You should always take them off as soon as you finish playing and avoid wearing them in the rain since water can damage the soles and stitch over time.

As long as you choose badminton shoes that fit correctly and handle your playing surface well, it is very unlikely that you will need to replace them anytime soon so you should not have to worry about spending a lot of money on this sport.

If you are looking for badminton shoes, choose the pair which best meets your requirements as well as the type of surface you play on most frequently.

Can You Wash Badminton Shoes?

The short answer is no. There are mesh-like shoes which you can clean but I wouldn’t recommend them.

You will see players wearing the same shoes for years, and they look like new until someone tells them that they have been playing with the same pair all along!

Badminton shoes last longer because there is less wear on them. Basketball players make 10 quick stops and jump for every one slow walk.

This is not ideal if you are looking to keep your shoes as pristine as possible, though there’s really nothing you can do about it unless you want to play on grass or clay courts all the time.

Can I Use Indoor Shoes To Play For Badminton??

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This is an important question because you will find there are indoor and outdoor badminton shoes.

Indoor games can be played on any kind of surface, but if you play the shuttlecock outdoors, the court surface may well make a difference to your performance and comfort.

The best choice for playing on clay courts is a shoe with a molded gum rubber outsole, which will provide a good grip on the court.

For grass courts, you should look for shoes with hard-wearing outsoles that are made of natural rubber.

They also need to have the correct tread patterns for excellent multi-directional traction at full speed!


So in conclusion, when buying badminton shoes there are many things that you need to consider before purchasing them.

They come in different types with varying features depending on your level of play, so it’s worth paying extra for good-quality ones.

Make sure they are comfortable and have the right fit, grip is very important as well as durability!

People personally recommend buying shoes that are sufficiently good, have wider feet, good cushion, provide body balance, have a cement surface, and perform quick reverse lateral movement.

Badminton involves lots of quick movements and sudden changes of direction, good traction, and a shock absorber.

So your shoes need to be flexible enough that they can keep up with this movement.

They should also have good ventilation on the inside in order to keep you cool during long matches.

It’s essential for shoes of  badminton to have good grip but also to help with speed by being aerodynamic too.


Does it matter in which type of court I play when choosing my badminton?

No this is not the game of Tennis, it is played on outdoor courts most of the time.

Can you use running shoes for badminton?

Yes, running shoes are fine for badminton. They are better than most outdoor new shoes which have a thin rubber sole because they are usually heavier and more robust.

Are badminton shoes important?

The best approach is probably to wear some lightweight indoor court shoes for your first-ever game and see how you get on with them. If you find them comfortable and suitable for your needs, stick to wearing shoes when you play in the future.
If you have a pair of badminton shoes or boots which fit well and feel right for you, then go ahead and use them after trying a few different types out. Just remember that it is always better to wear smart tennis shoes which are lightweight rather than heavy weightlifting boots.

What are the important features of Badminton Shoes?

The main features of badminton shoes are Lightweight to provide freedom of movement and excellent grip on the court surfaces. Durable for outdoor games where the shoe will be subject to wear and tear. If you play both indoors and outdoors, it makes sense to choose two pairs of badminton shoes with different materials.

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