Comparing Badminton Shoes Vs Sneakers: Which Is Better?

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Comparing Badminton Shoes Vs Sneakers: Which Is Better?

Badminton shoes have an obvious advantage when it comes to playing the game. Sneakers certainly do not offer the same support, traction, and durability level as badminton shoes.

But just because they are not ideal for playing badminton doesn’t mean that sneakers can’t be used for this purpose.

If you aren’t allowed to wear your badminton shoes at your local gym or indoor court, sneakers are probably the best option if you want to play it consistently.

While most people probably wouldn’t bother thinking about what shoes are best suited for badminton, some key differences between sneakers and badminton shoes might affect your performance on the court.

These two types of footwear both have their pros and cons when it comes to playing badminton.

But in general, each type has characteristics that make one more suitable than the other for this sport.

If you’re start playing badminton regularly, these details could help you choose which shoe will be better suited for this game.

Sneakers for Badminton

Sneakers for Badminton

Sneakers are the go-to shoe for many people playing badminton. These shoes are typically lightweight, highly breathable, and reasonably priced.

Sneakers are designed to be versatile enough to be used for many different sports and activities.

Plus, they are usually relatively easy to find since they are so popular. So, a sneaker is a good option if you want to stick to a single type of footwear and don’t want to spend a lot of time researching badminton footwear.

Sneakers are also a great option if you don’t care about having a specific type of shoe for badminton.

You can wear the same pair of sneakers that you wear casually to take part in this sport.

Although, if you don’t mind spending a little extra, you could buy a pair of badminton sneakers.

These are typically designed to be much more durable and suitable for playing on the court.

Badminton Shoes for Badminton

Badminton Shoes for Badminton

Badminton shoes are a type of specialized footwear that is specifically designed for playing badminton.

These shoes usually have a relatively low profile with a reasonably thin upper. Badminton shoes also usually come with a rubber sole that provides a good grip on the court.

Badminton shoes are designed to be very lightweight. Since you have to move quickly and change direction often during badminton, you don’t want a shoe that adds too much weight or bulk to your foot.

Badminton shoes also usually have a breathable upper that helps keep your foot cool and dry during a match. Badminton shoes are typically made from synthetic fabrics rather than leather.

This is because leather is too heavy and not suitable for this sport. The rubber sole is also usually non-marking so that it doesn’t damage the court.

Badminton shoes are often worn by players who need a more specialized type of footwear than a more general type of sneaker.

This helps to ensure that you have the correct type of tennis shoes for badminton.

The Importance of a Good Shoe in Badminton

The Importance of a Good Shoe in Badminton

The right shoe is essential in any sport, and badminton is no exception. A high-quality badminton shoe can help you move around the court more efficiently and safely.

Plus, they’ll last longer than cheaper and less durable footwear, so you don’t have to replace them as often.

Badminton requires a lot of lateral movement and quick back-and-forth movements. So it’s essential to have a lightweight and durable shoe.

A quality shoe will also help you feel more grounded and stable while playing on the court.

This can be helpful if you’re a beginner and still trying to get the hang of badminton or have poor balance. It’s also beneficial to ensure you don’t trip or slip on the court.

Badminton is played on a hard court surface. This can put a lot of wear and tear on your shoes.

So, a high-quality shoe that is made to withstand this type of wear and tear can last you a long time.

How to Choose the Right Shoe for You

Differences For Sneakers vs Badminton Shoes
Find out what type of badminton you will be playing – Badminton can be played on different courts. Indoor courts are made of hardwood, and outdoor courts are usually made of synthetic grass called Astroturf. If you plan on playing indoors and outdoors, choosing a versatile shoe that is versatile enough to be used on both surfaces might be helpful.
Consider what type of foot you have – People have different foot types and will likely find that some shoes fit their feet better than others. If you have a wide feet, you might want to look for shoes that are wider in the toe area. When choosing shoes, you should also consider your arches and whether you have flat or high arches.
Think about your playing level – Beginners might want to choose a more durable shoe that is meant to hold up for longer. This will prevent you from having to buy new shoes often if you often play and don’t want to spend a lot of money.
Consider the weather – If you live in a climate that gets cold, you might want to choose an insulated shoe to help prevent your feet from getting too hard. Likewise, if you live in a warm climate, you might want a breathable shoe to help reduce the sweat your feet produce during a game.

Differences For Sneakers vs Badminton Shoes

How Should Badminton Shoes Fit - Finding Right Size 2023
Durability – Badminton shoes are designed to be very durable. They usually last quite a while, even if you play often. In comparison, most sneakers can be less stable and will likely need to be replaced after a few months of regular badminton play.
Weight and weight distribution – Badminton shoes are generally very lightweight. This can help you to feel less weighted down on the court, especially if you play for long periods. In comparison, sneakers can be heavier, especially if you choose a type of sneaker with a lot of cushioning or other features that add to the weight. This extra weight can help support your feet, ankles, and knees if you regularly play badminton.
Price – Badminton shoes tend to be more expensive than most sneakers. But this is usually because they are designed to be more durable and better suited for badminton. So, if you are shopping for a cheaper option, you might be able to find a good pair of sneakers for less than what you would pay for badminton shoes.


Badminton is a challenging sport that is best played while wearing the correct type of footwear. Sneakers and badminton shoes are both options that can be used for this game.

While sneakers can be a good choice for badminton, badminton shoes are specifically designed for this sport. Badminton shoes are often lighter and more durable than sneakers.

They are also usually cheaper than many high-end tennis shoes. So, if you are finding for a cost-effective shoe for badminton, a pair of shoes might be the right option.

Can sneakers be used for badminton?

Yes, you can wear sneakers for badminton. However, it’s important to remember that many sneakers aren’t designed for this sport. So, you may not get the same performance level out of casual sneakers used for badminton. Badminton is played on a hard court surface. This puts a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. So, choosing durable footwear that can withstand this punishment is essential. Badminton also requires a lot of lateral movement and quick back-and-forth movements. So, your shoes must be lightweight. So, while you can undoubtedly use sneakers for badminton, you may want to choose a more specialized sneaker.

What is the difference between badminton shoes and normal shoes?

1. They are a bit heavier than regular shoes
2. They have a sponge on the bottom so that you will be more comfortable while playing
3. They have an excellent grip which will be helpful while playing
4. They come in different colors and designs
5. They are light weighted with suitable designs to give you comfort while playing. They provide traction on slippery floors

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