How Long Do Badminton Shoes Last? Beginners Guide 2023?

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How Long Do Badminton Shoes Last? Beginners Guide 2023?

Badminton shoes are a necessary piece of equipment for the game, but they have a limited shelf life.

They are subject to stress from intense, fast-paced movements, changes in temperature and humidity, and abrasive surfaces when used in the gym or outdoors.

How long your shoes last will depend on the materials used to make them, the quality of construction, and the frequency of use.

Arguably, one of the essential pieces of equipment while playing is the right badminton shoe. A good pair of shoes will not only assist you with your game but also help prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Badminton shoes come in two types: casual and competitive. Casual ones are more durable than competition ones because they’re designed not to get as much wear and tear.

Factors Affecting Their Lifespan Badminton shoes

How to Care for Badminton Shoes

A pair of badminton shoes can last longer if you take good care of them. Clean your boots after each use to remove the dirt and dust that might have gathered. You can use a brush and water to remove debris.

Keep your shoes in a dry, airy space to prevent mildew and bacteria from growing inside them. You can store them in a shoe bag to keep them clean and untangled. When cleaning your shoes, use mild detergents or soap.

Avoid harsh chemicals, bleach, and disinfectants to prevent fading and damage to the material.

If you wear your badminton shoes regularly, you can apply a conditioning agent to the inside to make them softer and more comfortable.

How long do badminton shoes last?
Here are some tips on how to make your badminton shoes last longer:
Keep your shoes in a dry place:
Do not expose your shoes to water and high humidity. Please keep them in a dry place to prevent them from getting damaged.
Avoid wearing shoes daily.
Badminton is an indoor sport, so it is best only to wear shoes when you play it. If possible, only wear them on days when you are playing badminton. This will help protect them from unnecessary wear and tear.
Use shoe trees
Shoe trees are designed to keep your shoes in good condition and prevent them from stretching out too much. They can also help absorb excess moisture and prevent odor buildup.
Clean your shoes regularly.
It is essential to clean your badminton shoes regularly to stay fresh and clean-looking. You can wash them with a mild soap and water solution or unique cleaning products designed for athletic shoes.

Factors Affecting Their Lifespan Badminton shoes

Factors Affecting Their Lifespan Badminton shoes are susceptible to damage due to moisture, temperature change, and abrasive surfaces.




Badminton is played mostly outdoors. Therefore, the shoes are exposed to soil, mud, and water moisture when it rains. Exposure to water for long periods can make the insides of the shoe rot. Avoid this by keeping your shoes in a dry and airy place when they’re not in use.


Temperature change:

Temperature can affect the lifespan of the shoes as well. The materials used in badminton shoes are not designed to withstand extreme temperatures for long. Therefore, avoid keeping your shoes outside in extreme weather conditions.

Temperature change:

Abrasive surfaces: Badminton is typically played on concrete or asphalt courts. These surfaces are abrasive and can damage the thin sole of the shoe. Avoid playing on such abrasive surfaces to extend the lifespan of your shoes.


Level of Activity

How active you are in your sport determines how long your shoes last. What is the frequency of your playing? Can you tell me how long each session lasts? A badminton shoe’s lifespan can be estimated by answering these questions.

Your badminton shoes will have a shorter lifespan the more you play and use them.


Type of Court

A badminton court type could also influence how long your shoes last. Featuring gum rubber soles, these shoes are soft and comfortable. Because they are more delicate and thinner, they wear out much faster than rubber.

Type of Court

You can play on three types of courts. A polished wooden court and a synthetic court, usually green in color, are the two most common types. Cement-based concrete courts are much less common nowadays.

Most people play on wooden or synthetic courts. Your badminton shoes will be equally affected by them, while cement courts will be much harsher.

Whenever you play on harsh surfaces, your shoes will last significantly less.


Materials used in a badminton shoe

The materials used in badminton shoes depend on the type of shoe and the game’s surface.

Badminton shoes are broadly classified into two types – casual and competition. Casual badminton shoes are built to last longer and are suitable for use on both indoor and outdoor surfaces.

Materials used in a badminton shoe

Competition badminton shoes are lighter, have a thinner outsole, and are suitable for indoor play only.

Badminton Shoes are made of many different materials. Some of these include:

Leather: A high-quality material used for the uppers of the shoe.
Rubber: An everyday material used for soles
Mesh: A breathable fabric used for uppers.

Shoe construction quality and how long they last

The quality of construction affects the lifespan of the shoe. The highest quality shoes are made with a one-piece upper and a single layer of leather.

Shoe construction quality and how long they last

The sole is made from high-density polymer rubber, providing durability and flexibility.

Other features of a high-quality badminton shoe include a pull tab for easy removal of the innersole, a shock-absorbent midsole, and a nicely-padded collar and tongue.

Badminton shoes with these features will last longer than those that don’t. The rubber used in the construction of the shoe is also important.

Rubber is a hydrocarbon polymer that is derived from the rubber tree. A high-quality badminton shoe will use a single-density rubber readily available in the market.


Frequency of use and how long badminton shoes last

How long badminton shoes last depends on the frequency of use. If you play once a year, a quality pair of badminton shoes will last you almost a lifetime.

Frequency of use and how long badminton shoes last

However, if you play once a week or more, you will need a new pair in less than a year.

Badminton is a very strenuous game that puts a lot of stress on your body. Badminton shoes are subjected to the same amount of stress.

Therefore, it is recommended that you replace your badminton shoes after six months of regular use.


Your Play Style

Different play styles will determine how much footwork and impact you will have on your shoes.

When you play singles aggressively, your shoes will last much shorter than when you play doubles defensively.

Your Play Style

Since singles players have to cover the entire court themselves, they move around a lot more. On the other hand, doubles badminton players usually move less since they only need to cover half the court most of the time.

If you are aggressive, you will jump-smash more than a defensive player. Jumping and landing will cause your shoes to wear out much faster.


Quality of Your Shoe

Quality of Your Shoe

This is not a surprise, in my opinion. There is usually a trade-off between quality and price when buying badminton shoes.

Badminton shoes that are more expensive, such as those on this list, are more costly but are of higher quality.

You can immediately tell the difference in craftsmanship and build quality between an expensive badminton shoe and a budget one.

Cheaper shoes are not necessarily of bad quality. They are just not as good when compared, which is normal.

Invest in a higher-quality pair of badminton shoes if you want them to last longer. The cost of this is also higher.


Determining shoe durability

Badminton shoe durability depends on the materials used in its construction. Top-quality badminton shoes will have synthetic and natural materials such as leather, rubber soles, and canvas uppers.

Lesser quality shoes are mostly made of synthetic materials like polyurethane or synthetic leather. The former will last longer than the latter. Badminton shoe durability also depends on the thickness of the soles.

The thicker the sole, the longer it will last. Look for badminton shoes with a TPU sole and a thickness of 1.6mm. The thicker, the wider more rigid the shoe and the less chance of wear and tear.

Estimate the Lifespan of A Pair of Badminton shoe

You can estimate the lifespan of a pair of badminton shoes by keeping track of the frequency of usage and the condition of the shoes.

Once a month, check the shoes’ soles and uppers for signs of wear and tear. If they have become frayed or worn, or if there are signs of tear and wear, replace them with a new pair.

You should change shoes after six months, even if there are no visible signs of wear and tear.

This will prevent the damage from becoming extensive and save you from buying new shoes frequently.

Do badminton shoes make a difference?

Best Badminton shoes are an integral part of the game. They provide stability, good traction, and support when playing. High-quality badminton shoes are designed to make the game easier for the player.

They provide ankle support and stability to prevent injuries and allow the player to jump higher. Badminton shoes also play a role in regulating body temperature during the game. Badminton shoes can make a significant difference in your game.

They add extra comfort and protection while playing. Badminton shoes have evolved a lot over the years. They are lighter and more durable than ever before.

Even the materials used have changed. They are now made of synthetic materials, mostly rubber, primarily tead of leather or canvas.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make badminton shoes last longer?

Badminton shoes are subjected to high-stress levels due to their frequent and intensive usage. The material used, the quality of construction, frequency of use, and the surface on which the game is being played will determine the lifespan of the shoes. Badminton shoes, on average, can last for about 6-8 months if used regularly. However, this varies with the quality of the shoes and how they are maintained. To extend their lifespan, refrain from playing on abrasive surfaces like asphalt and concrete. Always store your boots in a dry and airy place when they’re not used.

How often should I change badminton shoes?

It depends on how often you play and the condition of your shoes. If your shoes are starting to get worn down and lose their shape, replacing them with new ones is a good idea. It’s also a good idea to replace them if the soles are wearing out, as this can make your foot vulnerable to injuries. On average, you should replace your badminton shoes every six months to a year.

Why are my badminton shoes slippery?

That’s a great question, and it’s one that lots of people have. The answer is pretty simple – your shoes are slippery because their bottom is made from plastic.
The bottom of your shoes is waterproof, so they won’t get ruined easily when you play badminton. The downside to this is that it makes them slippery! If you find that your shoes are too slippery for you, there are a few things you can do about it:
1. You can get special shoes with a non-slip sole on them. This will ensure that your shoes don’t slip around while playing badminton.
2. You can add some grip tape to the bottom of your shoes. This is something that many players do, and it can help to give you more control over your feet while you’re playing.
3. You can cross-train while you play, which will help you improve your overall control over your feet!

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