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As a Professional and Technical Expert coach in badminton, I am dedicated to offering the latest news and reviews on badminton. My aim is to serve as a reliable guide for individuals seeking to choose the right equipment for their needs.

I provide in-depth assessments and Buying Guides for badminton equipment like Nets, Rackets, Shoes, etc.

My mission is to provide 100% tested product reviews for professional athletes and enthusiasts alike while providing excellent in-depth knowledge of badminton accessories. Whether you are looking for high-quality athletic clothing, shoes, or equipment.

I will continue to expand the reviews list and introduce innovative products to my customers.

My main purpose is to save time and money for my readers.

With my 10 years of coaching experience, I am confident that Badminton Studio will be successful in meeting these goals and beyond!

User satisfaction is paramount to my success. I know the importance of every single review I give, so I will work hard to provide you with high-quality products and detailed reviews.

I use a 7-point grading system to evaluate products:

  1. Appearance – the visual appeal of the product. Aesthetics and style.
  2. Functionality – how well a product performs its task or meets the needs of a customer. Fit, flexibility, comfort, and ease of use are all important factors in functionality.
  3. Durability – how long a product lasts and its resistance to wear and tear, crashes, and other things that may cause degradation in performance.
  4. Safety – how well a product protects the user from injury or damage (or in some cases, how much risk is imposed upon the user).
  5. Price – the cost-effectiveness of a product. Is it reasonably priced?
  6. Brand – the reputation of the brand that produces the product. Do they have a good track record in producing high-quality products?
  7. Customer service – the quality of after-sales customer care services provided by the supplier.

    This includes warranties, returns policies, etc. Here at Badminton Studio, I strongly believe in the importance of customer service and will always ensure that my customers are satisfied!

By following the grading system, I classify products into three categories:

Best Pick: Spending more money will result in a better outcome.
Editor Pick: The goods in this category are in the middle of the price range. You may pick it at a reasonable price without sacrificing quality.
Budget Pick: This category has a large number of items at a budget that will meet your requirements. However, you don't expect them to give you anything spectacular.

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Jeff Necessary is also known as Professional Badminton Coach and Senior Author & Editor at Badminton Studio. He is a Professional Badminton Coach. He's been writing for the past 20 years and has seen it all in his time. From playing to coaching to being an outspoken commentator, he's done all. He's written all about Badminton & done interviews with athletes of every caliber imaginable.